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Restorative Dentistry 

​Common problem of neglected oral hygiene is the start of getting a cavity. Dentists do their best to save the natural tooth through fillings using composite fillings. It is important to catch tooth decay early and seek help from dentists as soon as possible.  Minimal decay can often be repaired, but delaying treatment may cause extensive decay to your teeth, resulting in the need of root canal therapy or extraction.  

What is Restorative Dentistry? 

Restorative dentistry is fixing and restoring your teeth, so it doesn't have to be extracted. Fillings fix the area that has been destroyed by decay or broken pieces of the tooth. By restoring your teeth with fillings it strengths the tooth and prevents it from worse problems. At Sun Dentistry we are an amalgam free office, we offer only composite fillings. Composite fillings are white fillings , they make your teeth look nice and natural.

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