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What Is Fluoride And When To Use It

We all know that brushing your teeth twice a day is important for your oral health but did you know there is another key to good oral health?  That is a mineral called fluoride.

Cavities or tooth decay is caused by bacteria that produces acid that damages the layers of a tooth.  This collects around the teeth and gums in a clear layered called “plaque”.  Once plaque stays in place, it begins to harm the dentin layer of your tooth.  This can lead to cavities, infections, and even root and nerve damage. 


At Sun Dentistry, we focus on not only treatment, but prevention as well.  For most patients, we recommend our fluoride treatment during your biannual teeth cleaning.  This way you can have beautiful long-lasting teeth!

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Fluoride and British Columbia – Burnaby And Richmond

Some cities add fluoride to their water supply in order to provide extra protection for citizens teeth.  In Canada, there are some cities that do this.  However, in British Columbia, specifically in Burnaby and Richmond, there is no additional fluoride added to the drinking water.

Unfortunately, this leaves your teeth without the extra protection and requires you to take extra steps to protect your teeth.  There are multiple ways to add fluoride to your life.  A simple way is finding toothpaste with fluoride in the ingredients.  It is always recommended that you brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes. One of the reasons is to allow the fluoride to fully protect your teeth. The longer you can go without eating after brushing your teeth, the better the fluoride is absorbed by your teeth leading to better protection.


Another way to get the extra fluoride protection is by a professional fluoride treatment.  At Sun Dentistry it is recommended to most of our patients and is a great way to get a step ahead with your oral health.






Professional Fluoride Treatment

At a dental office we are able to prepare a fluoride treatment that is much stronger in concentration than toothpaste or fluoride mouthwash.  After your dental cleaning, a professional fluoride treatment is prepared.  The fluoride is in the form of a solution, gel, or foam and is usually offered in a wide variety of flavors.  This makes it easy for you and your children to have this treatment done.  It usually only takes a few minutes and this will help repair and strengthen your teeth. Afterwards, we recommend to not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes in order for the fluoride to be most affective.


Depending on your oral health, our doctors may recommend more than a biannual fluoride treatment. This is done if your oral health is a concern or if you are at higher risk of developing cavities.

In order to protect your teeth to the best of your ability, visit Sun Dentistry and get a professional fluoride treatment with your dental cleaning.  We have appointments 7 days a week morning and evening appointments.  Call us at either of our locations in Burnaby or Richmond or fill out a contact form.

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